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Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Hello everyone! Last time, we talked about the importance consistent inspiration has in creative writing and some of the methods I use to spark my creativity. This time, we will again be talking about resources, but in the more direct sense, as I will be giving you a specific source to check out.

The internet isn’t always the best place to go looking for academic-level writing advice. Most in-depth examinations of written works are more along the lines of discussing the meaning behind said works instead of the technical aspects of them. Many resources online that claim to give technical writing advice either have little credibility, or post surface level videos and blogs talking about a single writing concept with little elaboration for no longer than 10 minutes per video or a few minutes per blog. I’ve discussed before that most writing resources on the internet often talk about the same elementary concepts with little to add.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone is copying the same four blogs/videos and merely wording them differently.

I am aware that my posts haven’t been the crème de la crème of complex writing mechanics, but I assure you this is for your benefit. To learn, one must start with fundamentals for the more complex aspects to be understandable.

The purpose of this post isn’t to defend myself though, but to give you what I feel is an excellent resource. How is this resource so credible though? Well, its an actual series of college lectures done by one of the most prolific novelists of today’s high fantasy— Brandon Sanderson.

I am not a student of Sanderson’s. In fact, I often disagree with a lot of his writing philosophy, but his college level writing advice is as close to a gold standard as the internet can provide. This series of lectures is concerned with fantasy and science fiction writing, but many videos within are useful for most genres of fiction writing.

Brandon’s Website:

In case you’d also like to dive into fiction analysis, Jacob Geller provides many videos to help you understand what makes many classics… classic. His recent videos about I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, and To Build a Fire are excellent for understanding brutality in science fiction and primal fear.

I hope you see you back next time!

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