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My new Podcast!

Storytelling is a human practice with primordial origins.

As long as humans have had the ability to vocally communicate, telling stories have been a pass time.

Last year, I uploaded a reading of my published short story Of Lonely Hermits to YouTube. When making the video, I realized how much fun I was having creating ways to immerse my listeners into the stories I tell, so when the chance to create a podcast came up, I took it with joy!

Welcome to the Woods is an immersive narration anthology podcast in which you entertain a woodland stranger's bizarre urge to tell you stories inspired by what he finds in the wilderness.

This is an episodic podcast, meaning that there is no overarching story taking place in the foreground.

It's intended to be some creative fun from both the production end and the listener's end.

I will make accommodations to ensure you can access my episodes as easily as possible from this site.

You can look it up on just about every major podcasting platform like Spotify and google podcasts.

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