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Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Hello everyone, and welcome to my writing blog! Here I will post what I’ve learned as a writer, my personal writing philosophies, and general opinions on the current state of fiction writing and its future.

Enough of why I’m here; let’s move on to how I got here. I spent most of my life daydreaming about a new outlandish scenario whenever I got the chance. From pretending to live on a toxic alien planet when the weather was rainy on the way to the bus stop to imagining the thick tree line in my father’s side yard as a long caterpillar-like tank, I was desperate to express my creativity in any way I could find.

This predisposition toward creativity didn’t immediately result in a fascination for writing; however, in fact, for the first decade of my life, I held nothing but abjuration for the practice. Until third grade, I was dedicated to feigning illiteracy to get out of language arts homework and writing assignments to the point of convincing myself I couldn’t read even if I wanted to.

For the longest time, I thought art would be my outlet. I drew whenever I got the chance and received endless compliments from my peers, but I found this method lacking in time. I was expressing my imagination, but only in images, single instances with limits to their detail. It was only in my mid-teens that I started really exploring the written word to do what illustration just couldn’t for me.

For a while, I wrote little ditties whenever I had the time; nothing any bigger than flash fiction to express tiny ideas. As I grew more comfortable, I transitioned to short stories around a thousand words each, often in a single session. Now I have some stories I’m proud of under my belt and even a book that I’m rewriting to express what I’ve learned.

I hope that through blogging here, I’ll be able to deepen my understanding of writing as I explain them. Maybe I’ll even teach someone. Let’s hope nothing but gains to be made here.

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