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Narrative Design

Thin Veil Game| Concept Sheet

This is a concept sheet describing a hypothetical open world game which the other documents build upon.


             Game Synopsis: In a world where the dead may walk among the living, angels have appeared to herald the cyclical return of God to bring the spirits of the dead beyond the true vale. It's up to you, the Mourner, to help the dead cope with their fate and face the creature's their panic manifests.

Thin Veil Game| Gnost Faction Sheet

This is a faction sheet for the Gnost enemy faction. It details the faction's locations of operation, its prominent characters, in-game purpose, and lore.

             Faction Synopsis: A cult that worships the manifestation of the dead's fear of God, the Gnosts live on the torture of the dead and living alike as they seek to perpetuate an institution of brutality.

Thin Veil Game| Gnost Enemy Bark Sheet

This is a bark sheet for the common enemy types within the Gnost faction. It displays multiple cultural details of the faction to give enemies a realistic feel.

Thin Veil Game| First Gnost Mission Cutscene Script

This is a script of a cutscene introducing the Gnost faction's leader. This script shows the interclass relations within the faction and its goals through dialogue and character actions.

          Scene Setting: After the Mourner first enters the section of the game map assigned to the Gnost faction, they are abducted by a gaggle of cult members and taken to meet the faction's leader.

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